person on sand dune with mountains in the background

Every 3 Square meters of the planet has three words assigned to it, what3words could help save a life, are you wondering how?


Upcoming PayPal Charges

PayPal is changing its terms and conditions. Multiple sources report that these changes to come into effect as of 16th December 2020. Are you affected? https://www.standard.co.uk/business/paypal-changes-new-fee-inactive-account-pay-later-a4570331.html

Reporting Nuisance Calls

With Phishing calls on the increase, knowing how to report them is more important now than before; you may not fall victim but someone you know may. As a member of EE Business, you can report this by sending a text to 7726 with the caller number and a brief description of what happened. Emails […]

Groovy Gorilla

As a champion of ‘Open Source‘ software I am excited about ‘Groovy Gorilla’, the latest BETA version of Ubuntu came out on Friday.