A Little History

13th May 2013

Capella IT, formerly Northern I.T, has been supporting its customers since the 13th May 2013. Over time we have put together a team who can boast experience and a wealth of knowledge within every area of the IT industry. From forming partner relations to employee development and recruitment; Capella IT is strongly suited to supporting multiple businesses, from the ‘Motor Trade‘ to ‘Health Care‘ our ability to adapt is chameleon like.

Going Above and Beyond

Excellent customer service is paramount, and we strive to achieve this from day 1, for every customer. We can provide 24/7 support as we know standard 9-5 support just won’t cut it for some of our customers. “The job is done when the job is done”.

Capella IT looks beyond the technology; we see the people and understand the impact a system failure can have on a business and the individuals behind it.

cartoon image of people fixing laptop reporting errors

We use our Own Products

We use what we sell; the products we recommend are tried, tested and in production in our own business.

We VALUE our Customers

We value each and everyone of our customers’. We will always try and go above and beyond for them.

Capella IT is interested in forming meaningful long term working relations between us. This relationship allows our team to better understand your business, your needs and your team.

Our Open-Source First Approach

Our knowledge and experience with Open-Source technologies allow us to bring huge cost savings to our customers. Previously purchased proprietary software was the only options, we now gives our customers a choice.

Our Partner Relations

We are a single point for contact for Capella IT and its partners; from communications to hardware. Why dial multiple numbers calls when all you need to one.

With reliability and a strong track record; our solutions are competitive. Contact us.

Meet Some Of Our Team


Northern Director of Engineering

Laurie oversees the Engineering team and day to day business operations in the North.


Northern Director of Help Desk

Imran oversees the running of our Help Desk and Customer Services team in the North.


Customer Relations Manager

Sophie oversees the care of our customers and all their account management as part of ensuring they remain happy.



Joshua has recently joined our team to invite businesses to join our Capella family.


Commercial Director

Julie oversees the day to day running of business operations in the south.


Southern Director of Engineering

Alex oversees the senior technical duties for customers in the south.


Head of Help Desk

Marty oversees the support and execution of First Line Support for our customers down south.



Aleksandra is the backbone of our Marketing Team and is still likely to pick up the phone.


Help Desk

Dominic has recently joined us and is in the process of getting up to speed with all things technical.