The Start of our Journey - A Little History

13th May 2013

Our Journey started on the 13th May 2013 and taking us to today where Capella IT and its subsidiaries have been supporting customers with a wide variety of services and solutions.

Over time we have put together a team which has a boast of experience and a wealth of knowledge within the primary areas of Business and IT. From forming partner relations to employee development and recruitment; Capella IT is strongly suited to supporting your businesses.

Going Above and Beyond

Excellent customer service is paramount, and we strive to achieve this from day 1, for every customer.
In todays modern days, we see more and more businesses working 7 days a week. Our response to this to also work 7 days a week! standard 9-5 support just will not cut it; “The job is done when the job is done”.
Capella IT looks beyond the technology; we see the people and understand the impact a system failure can have on a business and the individuals behind it.

cartoon image of people fixing laptop reporting errors

We use our Own Products

We use what we sell; the products we recommend are tried, tested, and in production in our own business. We won’t sell any solution if we don’t believe in it. If it’s not good enough for us then it’s not good enough for you!

We VALUE our Customers

We value each and every one of our customers’. We will always try and go Above and Beyond. We like to think of our relationship with our customers as a partnership. Together our customers will be successful!

Our Team believes in building strong professional relationships with your staff and IT. This relationship forms the fabric of great service and increases our knowledge of your business, its requirements, and how to better support your IT.

In fact, our Managing Director insists on all our customers having his direct mobile number.

Our Open-Source First Approach

Our knowledge and experience with Open-Source technologies allow us to bring huge cost savings to our customers. Previously, purchased proprietary software was the only options but now we give our customers a choice.

Our Partner Relations

Capella IT partners with the best in class vendors and experts to meet just about any customers requirements.
All the solutions from our vendors are used, tried, and tested in our own company.

Meet Some Of Our Team

Untitled design (2)

Laurie Guthrie

Managing Director

Based in the Sunderland Branch

black and white photo of Alex

Alex Zolczynski

Managing Director

Based in the Cambridge Branch

Untitled design (3)

Shandon Van Huyssteen

Partner Success Manager

Based in the Sunderland Branch

black and white photo of Dom

Dominic Philip

First Line Support

Based in the Cambridge Branch

black and white photo of angela

Angela Thompson

HR Manager

Based in the Sunderland Branch

Providing Newcastle and Beyond with IT Services 24/7Nationwide from 4 offices.

Supporting and Serving Businesses from Cambridge to Newcastle and anywhere in between.

We have Regional Engineers positioned in several locations, ready and waiting to jump in to action for when you need them.

This provides speedy on-site support with the backing of our remote support offerings.

Office Locations

map of UK made from purple circles identifying offices using the letter C

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