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With what3words installed on your mobile device, never get lost again.

How can three random words possibly impact your daily routine you ask? likely.cable.riches may not sound relevant but its importance cannot be underestimated, let us look at a few scenarios which help explain why.

The Bike Ride

Having arranged a meeting you need to inform your team where. Describing a location to those unfamiliar with the surroundings may prove difficult; latitude and longitude may confuse matters further.

group of cyclist on a road side

The Delivery

An eagerly awaited parcel can soon turn into frustration, especially once you find out that your house ‘could not be located’. You would think that in this day and age there cannot be many roads left unmapped, how hard can it be to find a cabin in the woods?

house in the woods

The Concert

There is no better satisfaction than getting to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor however, arriving late could be annoying even more so if the message from your colleagues says “just in front of the stage”.

At least you can say you were there.

music concert at night

So what is the relevance between these scenarios and 3 words?

You may, or may not know that every “3 Metre Square” on the planet has been assigned 3 words that identify its location.

Relaying 3 words to your cycling team, friends, and especially to the emergency services is easier and more helpful than describing your surroundings.

Enter the words into the app and click navigate to have the route be open in your navigation app; Google Maps, Navmii, Pocket Earth, or Viewranger, it could not be easier.

The what3words app (Playstore; App Store) is just as important as two-factor, email, and social media; I would say more so it could after all help save a life.

Just be sure to relay the correct three words, someone turning up to obey.human.shall without an invitation most likely find themselves in likely.cable.riches.