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Environment vs Electromagnetic Spectrum

Most individuals identify ‘radio waves’ by the digits displayed on a car stereo be it FM, LM or MW. They are also used to receive and send information to the internet using a router, we are all familiar with the term Wi-Fi.

The ‘Electromagnetic Spectrum’ is vast topic and one which we very rarely pay attention to, who wants to know the which waves are required to connect to the internet? So as long as we have the maximum number of bars on the screen; it’s all about signal strength.

A poor signal can have you running around frantically, glaring into your display, waiting to catch a glimmer of another bar upon where you will then cease to move and make that call; that car will stop, it doesn’t have a choice.

We know that environmental factors can have an impact on the strength of ‘RF Wave’s’ and in some cases block them totally, does that underground car park scenario come to mind?

your message will be sent when connection has been restored”

Relocating yourself with your device will no doubt get you the signal, but what if you cannot relocate the device?

A Wi-Fi Router placed close to a thick concrete wall will inhibit the signal strength on the other side.

If the wall were made of plasterboard there would be a significant improvement in signal strength. It is all physics, plasterboard is less dense therefore offers less resistance.

In most cases changing your environment, be it moving the device or yourself is easy, but what if the loss of signal is beyond your control? Have a read of this (a link to the BBC.CO.UK website)